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The company specializes in the production of silicon steel sheets and amorphous, ultra-microcrystalline and other soft magnetic material transformer cores. The types of winding cores include ring cores, R-type cores, O-type cores, C-type cores, and power coils. Core, laminated core and shaped core. Laminated core types include stepped laminated cores, diagonal seam laminated cores, right-angle laminated cores, EI cores, etc. Products are widely used in electronic transformers, power transformers, transformers, reactors, sensors, voltage regulators, power transformers, leakage protection switches, welding machines, magnetic amplifiers and instruments and other industries.

Based on the corporate philosophy of "Core", the company constantly overcomes technical difficulties, continuously improves product quality, and constantly develops new products, new markets and new equipment, occupying a pivotal position in the industry. The company strengthened the research and development of new equipment, and cooperated with professional equipment manufacturers to develop fully-automatic iron core production equipment, including full-automatic core winding machines and automatic silicon steel sheet cross-cutting lines. The company's degree of automation has been continuously improved. It has also contributed to the production automation of the transformer core manufacturing industry.

Our company has established a complete quality management system in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system requirements, and has passed the German TUV quality system certification agency ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification.

The company provides various types of iron cores for transformer enterprises (including the top 500), which are well received by users. Facing large customers, we provide customized production service models to meet customers' personalized large-scale production needs, set up dedicated R & D and production teams, independent workshops and studios, and provide thoughtful and targeted services.

The company attaches importance to the construction of corporate culture and is committed to providing employees with a vibrant and passionate working and living environment. The company has established party branches, trade unions, and league branches to actively carry out various cultural activities, provide various services to employees, and strengthen the cohesion of the company's employees.

Focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of transformer cores for more than 20 years, Weibang still does not forget its original intention, is brave to innovate, and builds high-quality transformers with customers.


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