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epoxy coating core
Product Introduction: GOSS Epoxy Resin Coating Tape Wound Toroidal Cores
Product Description

Application materials: can provide a world-class quality oriented silicon steel sheet material (Baosteel, WISCO, Shougang, Nippon Steel NSC, Kawasaki JFE, Pohang POSCO, AK, Eminem) optional material thickness: 0.23, 0.27, 0.30, 0.35mm of the ordinary or high magnetic induction of Hi-B silicon steel sheet.

Structural features: the cross section is symmetrical ladder shape, which is made up of a continuous curve belt material along the direction of the magnetic circuit. The section is rectangular, the window is rectangular, the magnetic circuit is completely closed, and no magnetic flux leakage, so its magnetic performance is the best.

Application field: widely used in electronic equipment, 50Hz transformer, transformer, reactor, choke ring and other electromagnetic elements.

Specification range: can be customized according to customer requirements, to meet the various specifications of the customer.

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