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toroidal gap core
Product Introduction: CRGO Toroidal Air Gapped Cores
Product Description

Application materials: can provide a world-class quality oriented silicon steel sheet material (Baosteel, WISCO, Shougang, Nippon Steel NSC, Kawasaki JFE, Pohang POSCO, AK, Eminem) optional material thickness: 0.23, 0.27, 0.30, 0.35mm of the ordinary or high magnetic induction of Hi-B silicon steel sheet.

Structure characteristics: the grounds a continuous curve from the small strip along the direction of magnetic circuit of winding into a circular cross section, the window is a rectangle, the magnetic circuit completely closed, no leakage, so the magnetic properties for optimal. Using the frame and R type winding machine, the winding line is fast and convenient to produce high efficiency.

Application field: widely used in electronic equipment, 50Hz transformer, transformer, reactor, choke ring and other electromagnetic elements.

Specification range: the corresponding material can be selected to meet the customer's different quality requirements.

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